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142 Caspian X from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
8 Ben Barnes (various photoshoots)

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Tagging Posts

Post however is most comfortable for you, I have no objections to whether you post here or link to your own icon journals. I've set it so you can create your own tags, but just stick to the following.

» You should always use a "! yourname" tag when you post. You can use your real name or journal name.

» For the person in your icons, just use a tag with their whole name.

» As more posts are created, I'll be adding descriptive tags to them myself. If you see one in the tag list that will work for your post, then feel free to add it, but please leave creating the descriptors to me.

» If you plan on doing batches of characters from a single movie or TV show, then you can add that as "tv: title" or "film: title". Only do this when you have more than one post from the show/movie in the community.

That's all. Have fun!