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Aug. 22nd, 2017 11:21 pm
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It feels like every time I post an update here, it's made immediately obsolete by further sweeping changes, but hey, let's give it another go, shall we?

So instead of just hiring another service cashier to replace the one they fired, they decided to completely merge the service cashier and appointment clerk positions, and just have two of them covering the desk together during the day. Everything got completely redone, computers moved, desks eliminated, new drawers all put in pretty much overnight, it's been... a lot to take in. Also, since I don't work mornings, I'm not one of those two people! Once I'm done training up the new girl on cashier stuff, I'm going to be doing nothing but warranty clerk work from noon to five, at which point I'll cover the cashier desk once everyone goes home. If it all works out as intended, it will actually be... really really nice, giving me plenty of time in the day to get all of my shit done without costing me my nice quiet evenings to dick around and collect Sporcle badges. So, uh, here's hoping! Next week, the warranty lady in Calgary is finally back from vacation and I'm going to get slammed with two weeks worth of work all at once, I will need every minute of that extra time, so I gotta get the new combined-position girls up to speed on the job ASAP.

Also, my favourite service advisor, who recently left us for Ford, just got news that his daughter is going to have died in a car accident! That was some weird phrasing, but they're unplugging her once her sister travels out to New Brunswick to be there. What is that, future perfect tense? Poor Sandy has had the worst fucking life, and he's just the nicest of guys.

Signed up for Crashplan last month in a fit of one-year-later paranoia about potentially losing all my shit, so of COURSE they're discontinuing their consumer shit as soon as I've actually finished my uploads. Maybe I'll give Backblaze a try, the peace of mind really was nice while it lasted.

Speaking of fire trauma, el oh el, the girl who I replaced as warranty clerk last year moved away because she was so fucked up after losing her house, AND HER NEW PLACE BACK EAST JUST BURNED DOWN HOLY SHIT. WHAT ARE THE ODDS.

Okay, my Preacher download just finished, so I'm going to surround myself in a cocoon of Amazon junk food and be horrible for an hour. We're here for a good time, not a long time!

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Aug. 15th, 2017 11:24 pm
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Well, I didn't get fired, but the other service cashier did, so I'm going to be hammered until they find someone new and I can actually train them. It's like I snapped and they immediately decided to pile on the stress to see if I'd do it again, oof.

Still! I've been cutting back on a lot of little things that have been dogging my nights, while trying to let the bigger things that won't be cut back on roll off my back a little more, I suppose time will tell how any of it affects my larger stress levels.

I need to sit down and write.

Frasier is a much better show than anyone remembers.

The news is horrifying. Kinda puts my own shit in terrible perspective, at least.

Bub WILL NOT FUCKING STOP walking back and forth across my lap SO I GUESS THAT'S IT FOR NOW.