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Oct. 18th, 2017 01:27 am
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Tired. Everything's just such a mess right now and there's so much I want to do, so much I want to invest myself in, and whenever I have a few spare minutes it seems like they're filled up with just the bare minimum required to be a functional human and that's IT. The only reason I've finally managed to update here is because I've got four episodes of Inhumans to watch somehow and I need something else to do in the background. Did you know Inhumans is coming out? Wild. There is a hilarious amount of non-response out there, after so many years of screaming about how NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE INHUMANS, MARVEL, it's pretty great.

Anyway, once I'm done this, I need to clear off my desk and bump some stuff to free up space on my phone for comics tomorrow, but I also need to shower and find some time to do my nails, and I also want to write fic and maybe an app and reach out to friends who are hurting and play video games and watch a spooky movie and write up some letterbox reviews and talk to people and clear out the 1800 tabs I have open that are killing my browser but it's also bedtime in a couple of hours and there's just? No time?

I know it's just everything else weighing on me, because I was almost successfully juggling things for a while, there (probably not the friends thing, I have always been a shit friend), but now I spend most of my time fretting about money and how my mom still doesn't have a job and has taken to treating me like her own personal bank card to the tune of almost $2000 now because we went three weeks without hot water and wasn't THAT fun having to wash my not inconsiderable amount of hair via water heated in a pot on the stove and a basin, at one point I just said fuck it and dropped $40 on a hair cut just so someone would wash it for me (I got so many compliments on the braid she did it in, though, that was neat), but man was it great finally taking a bath after all that, I seriously almost boiled myself alive and it was perfect. Not perfect enough to make me feel alright about paying for renovations on a slummy dive of a trailer that I would have moved out of months ago had we not suddenly been down a family member, though.

And other stuff. Always other stuff. At least I'm back to feeling somewhat competent at my job? Something that didn't pay peanuts would be nice.

Anyway, [personal profile] pollventures remains a thing if you wanna come read goofy 80s gamebooks with me!

oh my god this mortis guy is so doofy looking WHY ARE THEY ALL SO STUPID LOOKING JUST GIVE ME MORE GORGON HE'S THE BEST